Saturday, July 23, 2011

CRM Main Modules

CRM Systems as main player in CRM(Customer Relationship Management) Industry provides basic modules generally used in the CRM industry. Such modules involves general business process in CRM. Those modules are:

Sales Module
 CRM Sales Module provides up-to-the-moment, proactive intelligence to maximize sales revenue. With  CRM Sales all levels of the selling organization can access the facts required to confidently pinpoint problems and deploy resources. CRM Sales allows managers to monitor sales pipelines and evaluate the performance of the entire sales distribution network.  CRM Sales enables sales professionals to identify critical trends in sales cycle length, win rates, discounting, and competitive engagement. This level of visibility is vital to any organization deploying a high-performing sales force.

Marketing  Module
CRM Marketing  Module provides the campaign management, customer management and marketing communications functionality. Users can design and manage outbound campaigns through direct sales, call centers, and channel partners. CRM Marketing also provides list management capabilities to develop internal lists and load external list files and prospect management with promotion of prospects to contacts.  Marketing's response management enables marketers to track customer responses and evaluate campaign effectiveness.

Service Module
CRM Service module enable customer agents interact quickly and consistently across a broad range of communication channels, such as telephone, email, fax, and page. Service representatives become productive faster, supporting a broader range of products and services, resulting in higher satisfaction levels in each customer interaction.  

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